How to Play FLV and SWF on Mac

FLV and SWF are currently very popular over the internet. SWF simply is described here as a kind of a format that can be played in Adobe Flash Player plug-in. FLV is a video format that can be played on the certain FLV player. We can find lots of players on Windows to view both FLV and SWF. However for Mac, there is less software. Here I want to recommend a program called SWF & FLV Player for Mac which can play FLV and SWF.

SWF & FLV Player for Mac is a free and smart Flash player for Mac OS. It is designed especially for viewing and managing Flash movies. It is More than a player for Mac. This player owns many powerful and useful functions.

What we can do with the software:

  1. Create and manage play lists:

You can play FLV and SWF files randomly or one by one, repeat one item or the whole play list. Save play lists and it is easy to load your favorite movie collection later.

  1. Browse Web for Flash movies.

Browse any web address to discover and save all SWF files. If the SWF file requires external resources. SWF & FLV Player will inform you. Moreover, it can help to download all the external required resources as well.

3.  The additional preferences.
Choose the default value for the video quality and update frequency, which both have an effect on your system’s resources consumed by SWF & FLV Player.

Play FLV and SWF:

Select File -> Open option from the Main menu and navigate to the file you want to play in a pop-up dialog. Additionally, you may use “Browse URL” option to search, preview and open FLV files at the certain web addresses.


Due to intrinsic differences between SWF and FLV structure, the frame number and total frames values are not applicable for FLV files. Therefore, whenever you play FLV, Movie Controls panel displays the currently played movie time (in seconds) instead.

Similarly, instead of jumping to the specific frame (Movie -> Go to frame for SWF) you may quickly move to the certain time (Movie -> Go to time).